Dry Shampoo MAD!

My dry shampoo go to is Ouai dry shampoo foam by Jen Atkin.   I like the way it cleans away the excess oil but adds volume and texture to the hair.  There is so many dry shampoos to go for, but this one in particular is paraben free, not animal tested, quick drying and invisible. So you wont experience the white powder fall out on your shoulders at a party when your shaking your stuff!  It cleans without the use of water to rinse.

How To

  • How I use the product, use from root to tip on dry hair. I find this product goes a long way so I start off with a 10 pence piece amount and then I use more if needed.  Rub hands together then massage into roots and then brush through ends with your fingers. It wont spoil your blow dry it will make it more voluminous and textured, I was a little nervous to use this product on my newly blow dried hair but WOW did it give me volume.


  • Amazing to use if you have extensions, when I was desperate to wash my hair  but had no time to wash and style my extensions, I would section out the top of my hair and use Ouai to cleanse the oils out and add more volume so you can go another day! It does have an ingredient diatomaceous earth that eliminates buildup but make sure you wash your hair at least two, three days after, this is a blow dry extender not a different way of washing your scalp. I’m all about the smell and it has a rose and musk fragrance that I LOVE.


  • The Only down side for me is my hair is so DRY so along side this product I have to use a serum, I suggest trying it on its own and with a serum if you have dry hair like me through your ends.


Here are a few links of where you can find this product




let me know if you want a video tutorial of this product.

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