Winter Tone Down

Toning down your summer blonde but you don’t want to go too dark, my client wanted to tone down her blonde but still feel light and bright. Coming into the Autumn weather she wanted to be a brunette/blonde.

Best of both worlds really!

For this look it depends on how light and bright your hair is, your natural colour, and if it was coloured before.

My client is naturally a light brunette but has high lighted her hair light blonde for years so it means her hair is of the weaker end of the spectrum so I did a combination of all over brunette colour, foils and balayage with a toner.  Timing each section separately and keeping my eye on every section that had to be taken out giving this colour an all round even, glossy colour.

If you are a peroxide blonde, to tone you down will take more work so I would recommend having a consultation with a colour expert.

Let me know how your winter colour went and if you need any help deciding on what colour?!



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